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Kids’ Tooth Removal: Preparation Tips

Dental procedures can be very scary to children, making any dental procedure a difficult experience for all. Knowing the facts can ease your child’s anxiety and make the experience much smoother for everyone.

Little Boy Opening His Mouth For Dental Examination

Reasons for Tooth Extraction in Children

Tooth removal is never the first dental option, but it is necesary in some cases. When a tooth is beyond repair and only causes pain, extraction is the best course of action. For kids, tooth removal may be a helpful first step for orthodontic treatment or other dental work. Regardless of if its a permanent tooth or baby tooth, we only advise tooth removal when it’s the best choice.

At our office, we ensure you’ll be comfortable by providing anesthesia prior to treatment if desired. The entire process is usually painless. We leverage industry-leading tools and methods to ensure a comfortable treatment.

Preparing Your Child for Tooth Removal

Explain the dentist is there to help them. You can do this by explaining that they are going to remove their tooth because it hurts and needs medicine. By taking them to the dentist, you are helping the tooth. Explain that everything will be done in a friendly, comfortable manner. You are there to support your child through the process.

Some other tips include:

Children’s Dentist in Burlington, ON

At Lighthouse Dental Care, we want to help your child keep their teeth healthy and clean. When a tooth needs to be removed, we will consider every other option before undergoing extraction. We have worked with kids of all ages and created a welcoming environment for all of our patients. Our dental team is here to help you prepare your child for any dental care they need, including tooth removal.

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