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Dental Emergency In Burlington, ON

A dental emergency is any oral health concern that needs immediate treatment. 

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and unfortunate, but the team at Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington is here for you. 

Even after hours or weekends, our dedicated team will look after your needs. Whether it’s a broken tooth right before a meeting, or pain that suddenly arises, we will take care of your dental emergency. 

Call us immediately if you have a concern or schedule an appointment at our emergency dental clinic in Burlington.

Emergency Dentist In Burlington, ON

Dental Emergency Causes

Much like a medical emergency, a dental emergency can happen at any time for any reason. Sports injuries are a common cause of dental emergencies. Getting hit in the face by a ball, bat, or opponent can cause tooth or gum damage. Falls from sports or just slips can also lead to urgent dental concerns. While it’s not as common, getting an object lodged between teeth may also result in the need for emergency dental care.

What Constitutes A Dental Emergency

Identifying a dental emergency is the first step in getting proper treatment. You must determine if you have an urgent dental need that requires immediate attention. 

A few examples of common dental emergencies we treat include:

Please call the office or schedule an appointment for dental emergency treatment at our Burlington office if you are experiencing anything similar. Our dentists are trained to deal with dental emergencies in Burlington.

Why Seek Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies cannot wait. They need immediate attention to resolve. Seeking urgent dental care is vital for your long-term dental health and comfort. The top reasons to visit our emergency dentist include:

Emergency Dentist Burlington

Seek emergency dental care whenever you have an urgent dental emergency. Getting timely treatment will address your pain and help restore your oral health to prevent any long-term damage. 

If you or a family member are in discomfort and cannot see your regular dentist, we are here for you to help you through your dental emergency. Our dentists will answer the dental emergency call at our dental clinic in Burlington. We will help you determine if you need urgent dental care, and will get you into our dentist the very same day. 

Just give us a call to let us know that you’re on the way to our emergency dental clinic in Burlington

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