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Oral Surgery in Burlington, ON

Oral surgery is not the first treatment option we advise, but it’s the best option in some cases. While we do everything we can to prevent the need for dental surgery, sometimes it may be what you need to get your oral health back on track.

For all of your oral surgery needs, count on Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington. We offer a wide range of oral surgery procedures including dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, and more. Schedule your next oral surgery with our dedicated team.

Oral Surgery in Burlington, ON

About Oral Surgery in Burlington

The term “surgery” can sound intimidating when it comes to dental care. However, oral surgery is not as scary as it may sound. It simply refers to any surgical procedure performed in the jaw or mouth area.

While we do all we can to prevent the need for dental surgery, surgical correction is the best choice in some cases. If we determine that a surgical procedure is the best way to restore your dental function or health, we will discuss it with you. The ultimate goal is to ensure your long–term oral health!

Oral surgeons, who undergo special training, handle your dental surgeries. If you do require surgery for dental care, you can count on our experienced dental team!

Oral Surgery Services

Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington offers common oral surgery procedures. Some of the most common dental surgery services we perform include:

Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth cannot be restored or saved for various reasons. If you need a tooth extracted or oral surgery in Burlington, our dental team has years of experience in complex surgeries.

Sedation Based Oral Surgery

At Lighthouse Dental Care, we offer sedation for wisdom teeth extractions and even routine extractions. If you are anxious to have your tooth extracted, visit us to learn of all the different sedation options to ensure, you have a comfortable experience.

Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington also offers sedation for implant cases!

Oral Surgery in Burlington, ON

If you think you may need oral surgery, turn to Lighthouse Dental Care. Our oral surgeons completed extensive training in surgery and anesthesia beyond their dental school education. They leverage the latest techniques to minimize surgical intervention. We do everything we can to ensure your comfort throughout the process. You can count on a great experience from our highly-educated, well-trained oral surgery team.

At Lighthouse Dental Care, we recognize that oral surgery can be a frightening idea That’s why we take the time to explain the procedure and aftercare. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure you get the right treatment for your smile.

For wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and any other oral surgery you need, schedule an appointment for oral surgery in Burlington with Lighthouse Dental Care!

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