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Root Canals in Burlington, ON

Persistent tooth pain is a sign that you may have an infected or damaged tooth pulp. Without treatment, this problem may lead to tooth loss. 

A root canal can alleviate your pain and preserve your tooth by removing the compromised tooth pulp. 

A root canal is a form of treatment used to desensitize a tooth. It is indicated usually when there is persistent pain from a tooth or there is an infection. It is an effective method of treatment that allows you to keep and restore your natural tooth. Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington is pleased to offer endodontic services to our patients.

At Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington, our team of dentists is well-experienced in root canals.

If you are in pain or discomfort from a particular area of your mouth, schedule an appointment to come see the team at Lighthouse Dental Care.

Root Canals Treatment in Burlington, ON

Root Canal process

Once a tooth has been determined to need a root canal to save your tooth the dentist will clean out the nerve tissue from the tooth, clean and shape the canals, and then fill it to restore your tooth and natural function. This helps remove any harmful bacteria in the canal space, clean out an infection, and ensure the pain and inflammation from the tooth settle down.

The entire process is normally only one appointment. It may take up to 90 minutes, and you can return to normal activity right after.

By removing the pulp, this process alleviates your pain and discomfort. But it also prevents the issue from spreading, which saves your tooth from extraction.

Symptoms Of A Tooth Needing A Root Canal

Tooth pulp damage or infection only worsens without proper treatment. A dental filling works to handle decay before it reaches the pulp. However, once issues reach the pulp then they require a root canal to address. 

Cavities are only one sign you may need a root canal. A blow to the mouth may cause damage to the pulp as well. 

Here are the top signs that you should visit a root canal specialist in Burlington:

Root Canals in Burlington, ON

Address your dental pain today and preserve your tooth with a root canal. Our dental team at Lighthouse Dental Care will evaluate your dental condition and help you determine if a root canal is right for you. 

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, schedule your appointment with our root canal dentist in Burlington. The sooner we can see it and treat it the better outcome you will have and the longer your tooth can last.

Schedule an appointment for root canal therapy today.

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