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Tips for Beating Your Dental Anxiety

Does the very thought of the dentist’s office make you queasy?

Have you put off dental care because of a fear of the dentist?

If dental care is scary and anxiety-inducing for you, you are not alone.

Patients of all ages suffer from a fear of the dentist, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

However, dental fear can keep you from getting the oral healthcare you need. Putting on dental care only exacerbates dental concerns, leading to more extensive treatment down the line.

That’s why it’s so important to beat your dental anxiety.

But how can you stop being afraid of the dentist?

Here are a few helpful tips.

Anxious Girl Conceals Her Mouth With Hands, Fearful of a Dental Examination

Find The Source of Your Fear

Fear and anxiety are not always rational, but we can often find underlying reasons. Start by noting down exactly what about the dentist’s office frightens you. Is it the sounds? The medical smell? Fear of pain?

From there, list any negative experiences you have associated with the dentist. Whether it’s your own experience, a horror story, something you saw on TV, etc. Outlining your triggers can help you create the most appropriate plan for addressing them.

Learn About Modern Dentistry

Dental care from the past really was scary in some ways! But like all medical and science fields, dentistry has progressed immensely. Modern dental technology helps dentists ensure quicker, more comfortable, and safe treatments. Researching how dentistry has changed and modern dental tools may help you feel better.

Bring Someone With You

You may need dental care before you feel completely past your dental fear. As you continue to work on your dental anxiety, bringing someone to your appointment may help. Ask a close friend or family member to come with you. They can help you face your fear and provide support throughout the appointment.

Dental Clinic in Burlington, ON

Choosing the right dentist can also help you as you work through your fear of the dentist. For a dental team who’s committed to your dental health and overall wellness, look no further than Lighthouse Dental Care. Our compassionate team not only provides quality dental care, but we also help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Schedule your next dental appointment at our dental office in Burlington today!                                                                    

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