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Tooth Crown in Burlington, ON

A tooth crown is a great option for restoring broken, chipped or fractured teeth. They are essentially custom made restorations usually in porcelain that envelope or cap your tooth. This restores it back to original function and restores your smile.

Tooth crowns are made from a wide variety of materials, from metal to porcelain, the porcelain option being the most popular for cosmetic reasons.
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Why do you need a tooth crown

The dental crown process in
Burlington, ON

Once your dentist suggests you would benefit from a crown the process at our office is completely digitally based. We prepare your teeth for the crown on the first visit. Then we use our digital scanner and take a scan of your tooth and send it our lab partner, and temporize the tooth with a temporary crown.

On the second visit, your dental crown is ready for cementation, once we take of the temporary crown, we clean the tooth and cement the new crown permanently. It is as easy as that, call now or book an appointment at our dental office in Burlington, ON to see what can be done for you.

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