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Factors to Consider Before Teeth Whitening in Burlington, ON

Embarking on the journey to a brighter, whiter smile doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Lighthouse Dental Care in Burlington, we believe in making teeth whitening a straightforward, easy process. You can illuminate your pearly whites without breaking the bank.

Before you dive into this transformative service, let’s explore essential considerations. Read on to ensure your path to a brilliant smile is as seamless as possible.

Woman Giving A Closeup Smile After Teeth Whitening

About Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to improve your smile. However, you must determine if it’s the right fit for you. At Lighthouse Dental Care, our team will assess your oral health to ensure professional teeth whitening aligns with your unique needs and goals.

We leverage the Zoom whitening system for effective, safe teeth whitening. In less than an hour, this advanced system can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades. We start the process by applying a specialized whitening agent. Then, we leverage the industry-leading Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to expedite the teeth-bleaching process.

Teeth Whitening Preparation Steps

To prepare your teeth for whitening, follow these steps before your session at Lighthouse Dental Care:

  1. Dental Cleaning and Checkup:

    Set your smile up for safe, successful whitening with a dental cleaning and exam. We remove plaque to ensure a clean canvas and examine your smile to ensure it’s ready for whitening.

  1. Lifestyle Adjustments to Reduce Staining:

    You want to keep your smile white for as long as possible, so consider making necessary changes to reduce stains. Your dentist will provide personalized advice to help.

  1. Dentist Consultation:

    Meet with the dentist to confirm that you’re a candidate for teeth whitening. We evaluate your oral health and smile goals to make sure your smile can handle whitening.

  1. Sensitivity Management:

    Post-whitening sensitivity is common. Our team will recommend desensitizing toothpaste to reduce discomfort.

Caring for Your Newly Whitened Smile

Preserving your newfound brilliance requires attention even after the whitening session. Follow these tips from Lighthouse Dental Care:
  1. Use Recommended Products:

    We’ll provide you with recommendations for whitening toothpaste and touch-up products to keep surface stains away.
  1. Quit the Tobacco Habit:

    Tobacco severely stains teeth. Reducing or quitting can help maintain your brightened smile.
  1. Use a Straw:

    Minimize contact with your teeth by using a straw when consuming dark liquids.
  1. Brush After Eating:

    Brush your teeth shortly after eating and drinking to prevent stains from settling in.

Teeth Whitening At Lighthouse Dental Care In Burlington, ON

If you’re considering professional teeth whitening in Burlington, visit Lighthouse Dental Care today! Our dental practice offers top-notch teeth whitening services to illuminate your smile. We’re here to address any questions, from preparation to aftercare and everything in between.

Let’s get you your dream smile! Schedule your teeth whitening appointment at Lighthouse Dental Care today to get a more radiant smile.

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