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What You Should Know About Invisalign

One modern solution for straightening your smile is Invisalign. The custom clear aligners gradually move your teeth into their correct spots. The process is done discreetly, without the discomfort of metal braces.

Invisalign is a good option for those looking to improve their dental alignment and smile. But before seeking out an Invisalign dentist in Burlington, there are some things to note.

In this post, we share the basics of Invisalign treatment.

Hand Holding Clear Invisalign Braces

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign treatment relies on a sequence of clear aligners to gradually move your teeth to where they need to be. Throughout the course of treatment, you progress through a series of custom aligners. Once your teeth adjust to the current aligners, you progress to the next mold.

Here are some more details about the process:

  • Clear aligners are used to treat dental alignment. They can help correct teeth straightness, reduce crookedness, improve your bite, and adjust spacing.
  • Each Invisalign tray is custom-crafted for your treatment. You wear each mold for roughly two weeks. The entire treatment typically lasts 12-18 months, but it may be shorter for more minor adjustments.
  • You must wear aligners for 22 hours per day if you want them to work. You can remove them to eat, drink, brush, and floss, but should keep them for the rest of the time.
  • To keep your aligners clear and discreet, clean them regularly. Each time you remove them, rinse them off before putting them back in.
  • Keeping your aligners out for too long can prolong your treatment. Be diligent and wear them if you want to see results.

Visit Our Invisalign Dentist in Burlington

Invisalign clear aligners are preferred by many patients. They are a discreet solution for getting a straighter smile.

But successful Invisalign treatment starts with having the right dental team by your side. Lighthouse Dental care is here to provide quality Invisalign services in Burlington, ON. Start by visiting our dental team for a consultation appointment.

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